Rates Information
All rates are expressed in Australian Dollars (A$).From 1st July 2000 a Goods and Services Tax (GST) will apply at the rate of 10% and charged additional to all fees and charges listed. The rates are based on equipment and personnel being supplied on location within the Sydney Metropolitan area. Travel outside the area is available and rates negotiable. The rates are subject to change and are intended as a guide only. Each job is treated as an individual production and quoted accordingly. Strauss will negotiate on extended productions subject to prior discussion.

  Grant Watson as DOP with Camera & Assoc. Equipment 

 Sony DVW - 709WSP (16:9 & 4:3) Digital Betacam camcorder (BVW-D600P, SP Beta also avail.)
Canon 4.5mm W/A zoom. Cannon 9mm to113mm Std. lens. matte box, assorted filters, Sachtler Video 25 head, tall, medium, baby legs and high hat. Colour monitor/"split" (16:9 & 4:3), batteries, Motorola's & camera vehicle.
 Basic lights carried - 3 x "red heads", Chimeras, "poly bounce" & "C Stands"
PER Day on location. (8hrs) A$1200.00
PER half day on location. A$850.00
OVERTIME for 1st 2 hours. A$100.00 per hr
OVERTIME after 10hrs. A$150.00 per hr
Camera assistant and/or sound recordist.

  Lighting Truck with Equipment & Gaffer *

 The 8hr rate below INCLUDES, Gaffer, truck, base equip. & all tungsten lights as listed.
Additional equip. & crew can be supplied and co ordinated on set and charged accordingly.
PER 8 Hr. day or part thereof with truck & equip. A$1100.00
OVERTIME for the 1st 2Hrs A$85.00 per hr.
OVERTIME after 10Hrs. A$150.00 per hr.
LIGHTING ASSISTANTS - Can be supplied as a package.
Travel and milage where required. A$0.85 per km.
Additional charges....
12K Fresnel HMI, LTM - Induction ballast (in the truck) A$300.00
Extension headers and mains (in the truck) A$30.00
Burning on 12, 4 & 2.5K HMI's only
575W HMI, Sachtler - focusable open face (in the truck)   A$100.00
1.2K PAR - HMI, LTM - Induction ballast (in the truck) A$100.00
2.5K PAR - HMI, LTM - Induction ballast (in the truck) A$150.00
4K Fresnel - HMI, De Sisti induction ballast (in the truck) A$100.00
60M, 120amp/ph dist. board. A$150.00
Kino Flo - 4ft & 2ft x 4bank 3200K & 5600K (in the truck) A$60.00
Mini Flow Kit complete. A$50.00
Chain Block A$25.00
Tri Truss per 3m length. A$15.00
Span sets, slings and shackles. A$35.00
Gels, trace, black wrap, dulling spray if cut or used in quanity.
Generators as required, as a guide 80KVA on site with fuel etc. A$875.00

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