Camera Equipment 
Grant was predominately trained in the art of transferring images into the electronic domain of video tape and is passionate about making tape images "sing", or where required look like film with the help of the Sony DVW - 709WSP Full Digital camcorder and the wonderful technology now available with telecine grading of tape images. 

 Strauss owns tape cameras however the opportunity is never missed to work with the alternative medium "film". 

Film is a wonderful medium as is tape. Is tape alternative to film or vice versa? What ever, there has been much spoken and written about tape Vs. film and fortunately technology has enabled the tape image to come very close to film. 

 The main "tape camera" is the Sony DVW-709WSP (625-PAL) 16:9/4:3 Digital camcorder. The camera is set up with a Cannon 5.2mm wide angle zoom with an alternate 9 to 113mm zoom with macro and X2. Accessorised with a Chrosziel  two tray matte box with a selection of filters. 

 The camera is supported on a Sachtler Video 25 head with 150mm bowl, tall, medium, baby legs and high hat. A basic tube dolly is available running on conventional 50mm pressure pipe or is designed to run on standard "Elemack" style track for longer or more controlled runs. 

 Film production is also carried out on either 16 or 35mm film with cameras and accessories being brought in and tailored to the job requirements. 


 Sound Equipment 

  Sound recording facilities are based around the "SQN" series of mixers supported by Sennheiser 816 & 416 mics, Micron VHF radio mics with either Tram or Sanken heads, Sony UHF radio mic, Crown "PZM" mics, Sony ECM55B mics and various hand held mics. All mics are supported with the usual "pole" and support mechanisms along with wind control. 

 DAT recorders and playback are brought in as required. 

 A set of four Motorola HT-600/GP-300 UHF "two ways" are available on a dedicated frequency for general production use. 


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